Investments Strategies 2

StateTrust Life and Annuities offers multiple investment options according to your risk profile as well as customized strategies to meet each individual or family’s financial goals.
We offer a disciplined investment analysis process, which begins with an in-depth interview to determine our customers’ needs and true objectives.
For such purpose, we implement the following strategy:
  • Review and analyze needs, in order to define financial, educational and retirement objectives.
  • Define customer profile through indicators such as future income, tax situation and risk tolerance levels.
  • Evaluate resources to provide the most appropriate family protection level.
  • Establish priorities so that our customers’ portfolios offer adequate ratios of capital protection and asset/income growth.
Once goals have been defined, we determine investment policies based on each customer’s profile:
  • Identify any asset restrictions in the portfolio.
  • Specify an investment methodology defining, among other things, who will manage the investment process, rebalancing, buy/sell routines, reports, and ongoing portfolio reviews.
  • Determine the most appropriate investment strategies and types of assets with growth potential to provide efficient risk control.
StateTrust Life and Annuities has designed highly diversified profiles that enable customers to have access to the world’s top capital markets.